Our bank details

Payments can be made by bank transfer to the following account:

ИП Дэй Ян Джон 

ОГРН 316487700159560 

ИНН 783800411904 

Расчетный счет: 40802810190320000312 в ПАО "Банк« Санкт-Петербург» 

Кор. счет: 30101810900000000790

БИК 044030790

Draw your attention to:

* Be sure to include the name of the hotel and the date of your arrival when transferring.

** Pay only after your booking has been confirmed in writing by email, and the payment amount has been confirmed.

*** If payment is made through Sberbank, please note that if Sberbank will make any mistakes in the details, the money will NOT be received. The responsibility of the guest is to ensure the correctness of the translation and the resolution of any problems with Sberbank (or with another bank) in the branch where any mistake was made.